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Community Impact

We are in business to improve lives.

 Our community impact goal is to provide opportunities for young adults and women; particularly minorities, to follow their dreams and prepare them for success at work and in life. 

Developing People for the Future 


Of Employers agree there is a soft skill gap


Say soft skills matter as much as hard skills


Of women in leadership roles vs 44% of men.

Professor & Students

Soft Skill Development

We work with non-profit organizations to help develop the skills needed for the next generation to succeed. We provide workshops that focus on leadership, communication, team building for young people at the high schools and college level. Our goal with community outreach is to help shrink the gap between future generations and community needs worldwide in those crucial skills. Studies have shown the importance of these skills within high school and college environment as well as the workforce.

A group of women at a business meeting
Women Leadership Development and Mentorship Group

There are 10 male entrepreneurs for every 4 female entrepreneurs. Women across most developed countries are significantly less likely to start a business despite the benefits entrepreneurship can have on their lives and the difference they can make in their community.  This statistic becomes more prominent when minority is taken into account. For example, 1.7% of Latino women receive funding versus their 9% counterpart. Our community impact goal is to help promote women in business through  training and mentor support programs. 

Meet Our Community 

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