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Workshops & Webinars

Worshops & Seminars

Training develops the needed skills for work and life.

Aim Consulting Company (ACC) offers comprehensive training in several diverse areas; such as personal, employee and management development.  Our differentiation is the knowledge we incorporate from various disciplines to meet the unique needs of clients. With experience, education and skills, ACC programs improves performance and fosters growth. Our training sessions are interactive, thought provoking and based on expertise and research.

For online training visit our Webinar Page.

We are always adding and adjusting our training programs

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Important Notice: We are updating our website. All of our current packages and programs may not be available to book on line. You may contact us via email or call us if you need to schedule services. 

Alert: Due to Covid19 our in-person workshops have been canceled until further notice. You may join our mailing list or contact us to receive updates. 

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Webinars promote the skills needed for work and life with convenience

Similarly to our training sessions, Aim Consulting Company (ACC) offers comprehensive webinars in several diverse areas; such as personal, employee and management development. Unlike our training sessions, webinars are shorter in duration and have an additional online convenience factor. Despite the shorter sessions (usually one hour or less), we continue to include topics and tools that help individuals manage issued faced in life and at their workplace; providing interactive and thought provoking information based on expertise and research. Our webinars are also recorded for clients who can not attend but would like to benefit from the information. 

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