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I Am Limitless
Women's Leadership Master Class
Become a more confident leader. Reveal your most authentic, effective leadership for greater influence and impact in your life and business.
*Our Women's Leadership Master Class Program is part of our EleVateHER Community. You do not have to be part of the community to participate, however community members receive special pricing as part of their membership.
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9 am - 10 am
60 min 
Duration is an estimate 
6 Sessions Online 
2nd Friday of the Month
Why our EleVateHER Leadership Program
Empowerment requires that we address the internal and external challenges we face. Our Master Class program will raise insight, self awareness and provide the tools needed to take action and make the changes you want. 
Men and women are different and they lead differently. Most women's leadership program teach traditionally male ideas, traits and approaches. Our Leadership Master Class progra
m for women is different in that we highlight and amplify your innate skills as a woman to be better leaders in both your life and business.   
Master Class Program Outline
Gain practical skills and strategies to realize your vision of success. Our sessions are educational and interactive. 

Module 1

 Challenges face and traits of successful women leaders. 

Module 4

Leverage your Positive Authentic Energy; Build Resilience

Module 2

Lead with Vision and Purpose- Understand your Values

Module 5

Embrace your Voice, Messaging,

and Personal/Biz Personality

Module 3

Listen to your Inner Voice- the Science of Intution

Module 6

Manage your Mind and Embrace your "Mojo" Abilities

*Please note module titles and content are subject to change during program development.
Key Benefits
  • All our master classes are online live and interactive.
  • Develop self-awareness and obtain the tools to take you to the next level of success. 
  • Gain strategies to strengthen your leadership, visibility, and assertiveness.
  • Navigate the complexities, biases and invisible barriers that are holding you back.
  • Create and promote your leadership identity, brand, and style.
  • Work on your personal leadership challenges through solution focused discussions.
  • Challenge your limiting beliefs, confront your fears, and turn obstacles into opportunities.
  • Build on your authenticity, articulate your value to realize your goals.
Who Should Attend
Professional Women
Women wanting to advance their careers
Women Entrpreneurs
Women in Business
Women Executive Directors of Non-Profits
Women who are seeking personal growth
Women looking for professional development
Start Investing in YOU
3 Investment Options 

Master Classes Only


I AM Limitless

All 6 Sessions


Master Class Bundle

$468/year/full payment

Mastermind Community

Beyond the Cover

"I AM Limitless"

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Master Class Bundle

$468/year/payment plan

Quarterly Payment


or $39/month

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Maria Dowling Psy.D. MBA, MS

Brain-Based Coach & Strategist

Meet Your Strategist
Maria Dowling "Dr. Maria" is a neuroscientist with a doctorate degree in psychology, masters in neuropharmacology and MBA. She has worked in the field of business, psychology and leadership for over 25 years as an entrepreneur, psychologist, coach, leadership practioner and college professor. Her area of expertise is in the human side of business and empowering women to become a better version of themselves.  From business development, to marketing and strategic planing, Dr. Maria can take you and your business to the next level of success.  As a corporate trainer, she works with leadership development, managing a multigenerational workplace, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Emotional Intelligence, Improving Organizational Culture and more...
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