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To better serve our community; we will be launching a new podcast.
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Mind Over Your Biz

(MOYB Podcast with Dr. Maria)

Welcome to Mind Over Your Biz podcast where we go beyond the numbers and focus on the most important asset; PEOPLE. The podcast is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations succeed in their personal and business life. Whether achieving as an entrepreneur, rediscovering who you are or growing as a leader; together we will clarify goals, uncover solutions and realize breakthroughs to transform the way you live and work. 


Your host, Dr. Maria, brings a unique set of knowledge and skill to every podcast. Her expertise in neuroscience, psychology, business and leadership will lead to thought provoking dialogue that drives meaningful action and adds value. Join Dr. Maria and expert guests as they inspire creativity, learning and positive change. 

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Previous Podcast

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Facing Our Inner Critic

Facing your Inner Critic and on how to identify your inner critic. Overcoming the negative messages the negative messages that often holds you back from realizing your dream and vision.

Understanding Values and the Effect on Relationships

Helping assess and understand your values and how values impact relationships in your personal life and work place.  

Shifiting Attitude and Finding Your Inner Critic

Helping understand and overcome thoughts and emotions that may hold you back from personal and professional success.

Energy Attracts Like Energy with Core Energy Coaching

Understanding how energy can attract like energy and interfere with your growth. We tackle situations around divorce and life transition.

Finding opportunities to lighten the load as we head back to school.

Finding the opportunity when faced with a situation that drains us. We also tackle a parent's question on her son's upcoming academic year as she tries to find a balance between parenting and allowing her son to be more autonomous.

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