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Rethinking Wealth

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What is mental wealth?

As leaders of an organization, we think of wealth as shareholder value; our company's profit and assets. However, wealth extends beyond money to include mental, emotional and physical wellbeign. As leaders of an organization, creating a sense of wellbeing for yourself and your organization is imperative to a healthy overall organizational culture. To build wealth, we must gain a deeper understanding of who we are, what we want and how we are going to get there. We must manage the stress and pressure involved with leadership. 


Leaders of an organization When we think of wealth, we often think about money, possession, and assets. However,  wealth goes beyond these "things" to include mental, emotional physical and spiritual wellbeign. 


Creating a sense of wellbeing is imperative to working. and the overall organizational culture.   To build wealth, we must gain a deeper understanding of who we are, what we want and how we are going to get there. 

Our personal development and growth coaching is your start to mental wealth. Our strategy enhances quality of life and contributes to realization of dreams. We will work together to tap into your inner strengths, remove the blocks that are holding you back, find answers and opportunities that will lead to your growth and success.

At the organization level, our personal growth methodology will benefit employees by providing the tools, techniques that support human development and mental wealth. The investment in human capital will maximize stakeholder value to provide a competitive advantage. 

Our job is to help you strengthen your core self and shift your mindset towards mental wealth.  

As leaders, we focus on the financial wealth of our organization and the value it brings to shareholders. While financial wealth is important, we neglect mental wealth. Whether you are a business owner, manager or CEO of a fortune 500 company, pressure and stress can have a negative impact in your life and how you relate to others. Without mental wealth, the financial health of your company will suffer. Performance, engagement and profitability will decrease. Therefore, it is essential mental wealth is part of your 

business wealth has on shareholder value.  the importance of financial wealth

All leaders experience pressure and stress that can have a negative impact on their life and how they manage and lead their team. Whether you are an small business owner, manager or a top executive for a fortunute 500 company, stress and mental wealth is of upmost importance. 
I feel overwhelmed
I want things to change
I don't know what to do
I want to achieve my goals
I want to be  motivated
I feel stressed
I want to build positive relationships
I want to focus on my growth at work and life 



- Dr. Maria

Are you ready to find fulfillment and realize your purpose?

Building Mental Wealth

Understanding and clarifying purpose and direction.

Evaluating and Identifying needs and opportunities.

Developing a strategic plan that strengthens core.

Implementing an individualized objective that facilitates growth.

Assessing outcomes & breakthroughs and adjusting as needed. 

Celebrating results and providing long term direction 

Coaching clients who report improving self-confidence with personal growth coaching.


Individual engaged in personal development improved their personal wellbeign and performance. 


Source:  ICF 2009 study.



- Dr. Maria

How do you want to show up in your personal
and professional life?

Action oriented with the ability to establish and work towards goals and objectives. 

Insightful and self aware of your strengths and the possibilities. 

Well balanced and satisfied with work and life. 

An architect of both your personal and professional life.

Responsible and accountable for actions and commitments. 

More engaged and productive when working with others. 

Effective communicator of ideas, thoughts and emotions.

An influential leader who motivates others to excel. 

 A builder of positive relationships that have a positive impact.  

Able to see yourself and others more clearly.

What to Expect

Phase I:     Introduction, Engagement and Assessment


During this initial phase, we will spend some time getting to know you and what prompted you to seek our services.  This may involve longer sessions that include self-assessments as well as external evaluations; depending on what is needed.  For example, an E.L.I. assessment or 360 may be administered for self-awareness.

Phase II:    Identification of Goals, Technique and Plan


Results from the initial phase will guide our work together to define goals for working and measurable outcomes. As part of this phase, we will discover issues as well as opportunities for plan development. For example, shifting your mindset from a list of must do activities to a value oriented decision making strategy that will propel you to achieve your vision and reach your full potential.   

Phase III:  Implementing Plan and Feedback


This is a take action phase and will start incorporating the steps from the previous phase; adjusting as needed. In this stage as with previous phases, communication is imperative for success. Accountability and follow through is a central part of phase 3. Therefore, challenging, supporting and motivating will be at the crux of this phase in order to achieve forward motion and success. 

Phase IV:    Review Accomplishments and Closing


Celebrating successes is essential. However, we must review the accomplishments and address future goals. Sustainability of behavioral change and mindset is needed for long term success. Creating and establishing a clear direction will ensure continued growth and future positive outcomes. 

Note: Coaching services- For sustainable results a minimum of 6 month engagement is typical.



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