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Target Audience Worksheet

Unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts with our Free Target Audience Worksheet. This essential tool guides you through a detailed process to identify and understand your ideal customers, helping you tailor your strategies effectively. By defining key demographics, interests, and behaviors, you'll be able to create more targeted and impactful marketing campaigns. Download now and start connecting with your audience in a more meaningful way!

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Dr. Maria Dowling

Maria Dowling, Psy.D. M.S., MBA, CPC

Dr. Maria is a strategy consultant, keynote speaker, and transformational coach. She is the founder of MD Consulting Company. Dr. Maria holds a doctorate degree in psychology, specializing in neuroscience, MBA and a national coaching certification. Her expertise lies in the "people side" of business, where she leverages her deep understanding of human behavior and organizational dynamics to optimize and drive success. Through her work, she focuses on unlocking the potential of individuals and teams, advocating for the power of human elements in achieving excellence. Dr. Maria integrates a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach in business and professional development to address challenges and opportunities comprehensively. Her vast knowledge in the areas of psychology, neuroscience, business and coaching principles make her a sought out strategist, speaker and coach for companies and leaders looking to foster growth and a positive culture.

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