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Business, Professional & Personal Assessments

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Leadership Assessments

Leaders drive organizations. They implement strategy, innovate and motivate employees to perform and achieve a company's vision. Leadership assessments are an effective tool we use to strengthen skills of existing employees and leaders. Through the assessment process, we can identify characteristics we can work on to develop and improve; helping you become a better leader and manager. While leadership assessments have been widely used in corporations, they can also provide individuals with information about who they are and how they manage and respond to situations and tasks. Therefore, we also include leadership assessments; such as The Energy Leadership Index,  in our personal development engagement which will drive the process towards sustainable success. After all, leaders exist beyond the corporate world. 

Interpersonal Assessments

Interpersonal skills involve interacting with others in a social or occupational setting. When referring to business, interpersonal skills is the ability for employees to maintain an amiable environment with co-workers while efficiently completing their occupational role.  In life, interpersonal skills are required to maneuver everyday situations, such as empathy, emotional response and integrity. Our firm assesses the essential characteristics to assist in the development of individuals whether at work or in their everyday life. When we strengthen our interpersonal skills, we become more effective and efficient at what we do. Some of the characteristics we assess: team work, emotional intelligence, empathy, integrity, boldness. 


Organizational Assessments

Every organization regardless of size wants to add value to their shareholders and improve their bottom line. By utilizing reliable measures, a company can identify factors that may be hindering results and preventing them from achieving their vision and growing profits. Our company takes advantage of organizational assessments to obtain important information that can help gather performance data on factors that influence behavior, culture, and the bottom line. Unlike other types of evaluations, organizational assessment primarily focuses on the company as a unit. They are tools that help a firm gain understanding to better adapt, perform, and achieve a competitive advantage. There are various assessments available and the choice of what framework to utilize will depend on the specific need of the organization, the context, and the purpose for which the assessment is being used. Our firm can assist in this area as part of coaching or consulting engagement or as a stand alone service.

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