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Transforming People & Organizations from the Inside-Out 

At MD Consulting Company, we are dedicated to empowering people and organizations with the strategic insights and expertise needed to achieve sustainable growth. Specializing in comprehensive consulting and management services, we take a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by each client. Our experts leverage industry knowledge, analytical capabilities, and innovative thinking to develop tailored solutions that drive success. 

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2024 Business Trends

Our Solutions


(Neuro) Leadership & Executive Coaching

Sharpen leadership capabilities, tackle challenges & build resilience to improve effectiveness. 

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Organizational & Business Strategy

Set clear goals & tactics to compete in the market with your products & services.

Person in book store

Start-Up & Entrepreneur Ventures

Transform your startup vision into reality. From strategic planning to operational execution.

Business Meeting

Customers, Marketing & Branding

Develop and execute strategies to promote your products/services & elevate your brand. 

Businesswoman in Office

Small and Medium Size Enterprise (SME's)

Build & grow a successful an existing venture that achieves your vision, mission & profitability.

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Business Operations & Management

Optimize internal processes, streamline workflows & enahnce efficiency. 

Team Meeting

People Strategy & Business Culture

Create a high performing workplace culture that drives commitment & productivity. 


Trainings, Workshops & Seminars

Elevate skills and foster growth with onsite & online workshops, seminars & trainings.

Speaking Engagement

Engaging Seminars

Engaging Seminars

Insightful Topics

Insightful Topics

Impactful Message

Impactful Message

Inspirational Discussions

Inspirational Discussions

What sets us apart

MD Consulting Company is dedicated to navigating businesses through challenges with a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach. We bring diverse set of skills, merging strategic planning, analysis, innovation, and human-centric solutions.  By seamlessly integrating these facets, we  tailor strategies to each client's unique needs, propelling them toward sustainable growth and resilience in a competitive and ever-evolving market landscape. Whether it's redefining operational frameworks or working on the people side of business, our holistic methodology drives success and empowers people and organizations to thrive in today's dynamic business environment.

Industries Served

Not-for-Profit Sector

Organizations that focus on missions beyond generating profit. Aims to serve the public interest & soceital needs.

Business Franchise

Businesses that operate under a licensing arrangement where the franchisor owns the brand.

Consumer & Retail

Businesses that sell products directly to consumers, whether through physical stores or other channels.

Professional & Business

Encompass a wide range of businesses that provide specialized services rather than tangible goods.

Education Services

Covers institutions and services related to teaching, training, and educational resources.

Hospitality & Tourism

Includes industries like hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and entertainment venues.

Public Sector

Primarily serve the public interest,  focusing on providing essential goods or services to the community.

Benefits of Working with Us


Obtain the business expertise, skills, and experience needed to achieve your  vision.


Achieve efficiency and productivity to realize your goals. 


Gain an unbias perspective that will help you make informed decisions.


Connect with trusted and realiable individuals and vendors that add value 

Cost Effective

Create value that increases ROI with our tailored solutions.


Access the support you need and want to accomplish objectives.

What Clients Say

"Dr. Maria is truly inspirational. She has a great intitution and works with her clients empowering them for true transformation. I highly recommend her. "                             

   - Cheryl, Owner of Thrive LLC

Maria Dowling, Psy.D. M.S., MBA

Maria Dowling, Psy.D., MS, MBA, CPC

Strategist, Speaker, (Neuro) Coach


About Dr. Maria

Dr. Maria is a strategy consultant, keynote speaker and business coach who has experience working with businesses, executives, leaders and entrepreneurs. She holds a Doctorate degree in Psychology (Neuroscience specialization), Masters in Pharm, MBA and Professional Coaching Certification. She draws from science based research strategies to ensure clients gain the tools they need to reach individual and organizational goals.  From small businesses to large corporations, Dr. Maria provides a multi-faceted approach that drives success. Her expertise includes: Organizational Strategy, People-Side of Business, Organizational Culture, Leadership and NeuroLeadership development. 

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